The real estate industry has flocked to the internet, but Network Marketing for Real Estate is very much an ignored art.

“Network Marketing” sounds a whole lot like “MLM”. But they aren’t the same thing at all. While MLM draws people in with promises and hides commissions in multi layers of muddle, Network Marketing is a very up front, informative, direct, honest approach to the business of the internet.

And it is a perfect fit for many, many realtors.

Network Marketing is all about building trust and community, just what realtors are so good at anyhow.

The real estate industry already has a good toehold online. Every single real estate office lists on MLS, and MLS lists those properties online. But that is the beginning and the end of the internet world for most realtors. But it needn’t be

Let’s take Jerry’s business. Jerry is a realtor in Tampa, Florida, one of the areas hardest hit by the housing debacle. Yet Jerry is doing just fine. He does fine because he has learned how to capture clients via Network Marketing before they ever step foot in Tampa. And he has learned how to make extra money doing it.

Jerry’s website doesn’t have a brief bio and a link to MLS. No, it is far more extensive than that. This website:

o Has lots and lots of pictures of the homes in Jerry’s territory, whether or not he actually sold them.

o Talks about the schools in various area.

o Discusses housing values, why it is a good time to buy now, and how to protect the value of your home once you own it.

o Describes the Florida buying process, with inspections and escrow, with a time table laid out.
o Provides a mini-forum where people can ask and answer questions.

o Talks about all the great things to do in the vicinity.

o Provides a free newsletter to keep people up to date on what is going on.

Now, all of this is just a good website. But, if it is based on strong keywords, it will generate sufficient traffic to become a true Network Marketing website with multiple streams of income.

So where are those multiple streams of income?

o from AdSense ads

o from PPP ads

o from display ads from local attorneys, title companies and mortgage companies

o and even a display ad from the County Fair!

There is more Jerry could do as well. He could, for instance, provide small ads for all manner of other businesses in the area, like movie theaters and restaurants. When he’s got traffic, he truly is the master of his domain.

Now Jerry has a great website that captures potential new clients AND one that provides him with additional income.

It is Network Marketing at its finest.

Network Marketing for real estate is an absolute natural. Look for this wave of new sites to evolve over the next few years.